designed to help citizens to better understand the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition and to engage in their personal life will be developed by the project’s partners and made available here.


















Million people targeted

Climate change and energy

Linking home life and working life for energy transition

Citizens-driven circular economy in buildings

Citizens involvement in energy policies

The energy transition for rural inhabitants

Influence companies to adopt eco-friendly behaviours

Carbon Footprint Calculator

ethiCarbon Calculator

Assess your own carbon footprint using our dedicated ethiCarbon® calculator.


C4ET Factsheets

The objective of this portfolio is to address the complex nature of energy and climate change through a set of pedagogical fact sheets.

Test your knowledge

Quiz: Climate change and energy

Playing this will enable you to learn and try yourself on climate and energy issues, with focus on the scientific/historical basis, the policies led in these fields and the role of citizens in the transition towards sustainability.

Test your memory

Memory game

This game will allow you to work on your memory but also to learn on the carbon footprint of products/individuals across the world.

Eko & Logy

Eko and Logy: the game

Eko and Logy are brother and sister who have long been isolated on their island. The construction of a new bridge changed their lives: they are finally able to travel through various environments and learn more about climate change.

Subject presentation

Focus subject presentation

This tool graphically demonstrates the importance and influence of companies on energy and resource use, the economic benefits of saving measures, as well as tips and further links for the implementation of measures at home.

Project of the month

Project of the month

This tool allows companies to draw employees' attention to various energy issues. It explains company's energy management briefly and simply.

Sustainable employee of the month

Quiz: sustainable employee of the month

This tool is a quiz. It helps employees to internalize and deepen the knowledge on energy transition they gained in previously applied tools.

Guideline sustainability day

Guideline sustainability day

A partier? Let’s use this tool to organise your own eco-friendly clean-energy-celebration. This guideline aims to help companies to draw the attention of their employees to a future-oriented energy supply concept.

Interactive map

Interactive map

The Interactive Map brings you in the world of the “bests”. Let’s explore this Google Map and find examples of sustainable practices within companies in every partner country.

Renovate: repair, reuse and recycle

Brochure: "Renovate: repair, reuse and recycle"

This brochure is made to raise awareness of citizens on possibilities to reuse building materials when undergoing a house renovation.

Circular economy in renovation

Poster: Renovate and extend the lifetime of materials

This infographic gives in a glimpse the main elements that can be maintained, repaired, improved, reused or transformed instead of being thrown away like it mostly happens during house retrofit.

Circular economy and refurbishment

Board game : circular economy and refurbishment

Do you want to raise attention on possibilities to reuse and transforming materials on a playful way? This is your game!

Inventory notebook

Notebook: inventory

This notebook offers a method to help you to reuse materials when you renovate your home.

Renovate circular Conference

Conference: Renovate circular

Encourage reuse through second-hand channels, preferring repair to replacement, favouring use over possession or a service rather than a good, recycling materials from waste, and combating waste.

General needs and situation

Survey: general needs and situation

The goal of this survey is to address citizens’ attitudes towards own energy consumption.

Your opinion counts

Poster: your opinion counts

This poster will remind citizens that their opinion on energy issues is important.

Facebook quiz

Quiz: "how much do you know about energy and energy transition?"

This quiz will remind citizens about what they may already know and help them learn something new.

Submarines game

Submarines game

This game will help it’s users to learn and repeat facts related to energy transition.

Public participation E-book

E-book: how to engage in energy policies as a citizen


Assessment and Auto diagnostic

Quiz: assessment and auto diagnostic

This tool is an auto diagnostic instrument to test your knowledge in the field of energy transition in rural areas.

Interactive map

Interactive map

The aim of this map is to provide a visual identification of some of the many initiatives that are led in the rural zones of Europe, and in particular of the six countries of C4ET project, to promote sustainable development, protection of the environment, energy conservation, renewable energy development, sustainable agriculture, etc.

Virtual tour

Virtual tour

This short virtual tour will show you – through text and images - a best practice for energy transition in rural areas: Cantine D’Uva in Larino, Italy and its innovative system for the conservation of wine based on geothermal energy.

Circular economy in rural areas

Puzzle: Circular economy in the rural areas

What is circular economy? Targeted for citizens living in rural areas and interested to learn more about, this puzzle will make you learn the benefits of circular economy, it's functioning and some example for rural areas just playing with him.

Innovations E-Book

E-book : "innovations in the rural areas: tools and best practices"

The present e-book, is dedicated to the topic of energy transition in rural areas with a specific aim to raise awareness about potential homemade rural innovative actions for citizens.

Consumer protection game

Game: general quiz for consumer protection

With the game, employees can reflect on basic environmental changes and they can be more conscious during their work and using the facilities at the office.

Be a Green Officer!

Be a Green Officer!

This poster demonstrates on how citizen can influence their work environment to be more eco-friendly. It shows some useful and practical tips to become “more greener office”.


E-book: How can citizens influence companies to behave more eco-friendly way

The main objective of C4ET project is to develop citizens’ energy consumption awareness. It is obvious that we can talk about the awareness of citizens when we not only increase their knowledge about the topic but they will be able to do actions based on this new knowledge.

Subject video

Video: presentation of the focus subject

With this video, we would like to present our focus subject (we would like to give a short "training material” about our focus subject). The most important information, concepts, themes (which are connected to our focus subject) are shown.

Decision tree

Decision tree


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