Test your knowledge: beginner or advanced when speaking about energy transition? This tool is a quiz. It helps employees to internalize and deepen the knowledge on energy transition they gained in previously applied tools.

It also may expand the understanding of the energy transition topic easily and comfortably, as the quiz contains further in-depth information.

The quiz is available online and consists of three levels (beginner, advanced, and expert) with seven questions per level. Immediately appearing a list of correct and incorrect results after answering all questions. It includes further information on correspondent energy topics.


1. Choosing the right lighting may reduce the energy consumption in the office and at home significantly. Which type of lamp is most energy efficient?
EU energy labels use letters to describe an appliance's energy consumption. Which letter is used to denote the LEAST energy efficient types.

3. What sector of the European society consumes the most energy?
4. What is energy efficiency?
5. Waste is expensive! Recycling can save up to 80 % of costs compared to deposition. Why else is recycling important?
6. A certified environmental management system supports to manage and reduce environmental impacts and improve environmental performance caused by products, services and other company activities. This is supported by the purchase of products with eco-friendly labels. Which label/ certification identifies paper products from sustainable forestry?
7. Many companies changed office and warehouse lighting to LED over the last years. Why are incandescent bulbs being phased out?


1. How many times can glass be recycled?
2. Which home appliance generally consumes the most energy?
3. Once you have taken action to improve the use of energy at home, it's a good idea to see if you can also generate electricity or heat from your house. How can you generate your own sustainable energy at home?
4. How much LESS energy do light-emitting diodes (LEDs) use compared to regular incandescent bulbs?
Offices are usually not heated over the weekend and cooled down to 17 degree. This applies to households, too. How much would you have to turn your heating thermostat down by to save 10% of your annual heating bill?

6. Which of the following lamp types contains mercury?
7. What is the main source of energy worldwide?


1. 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to production of meet. How many kg of CO2 can you save per year by switching from a meat to a vegetarian diet?
2. Recycling just one plastic bottle can save the same amount of energy needed to power a 60 W lightbulb for…
3. Leaving a TV on standby overnight…
4. If your way to work is shorter than 5 km, how much CO2 emissions could you save in one year by cycling instead of taking the car?
5. If you recycle one ton of paper, how many trees can you save?
How many pages can be laser printed with the energy wasted by a PC monitor left on overnight?



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