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The energy transition, why ?

In a context of significant growth of energy demand and confronted to the necessity to tackle climate change, there is today a critical need to conserve energy and increase the use of renewables.

To this extent, the European Commission sets itself ambitious objectives for 2030: a 40% reduction in the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990; An increase of the share of renewables in the EU’s energy mix to 27%; and a 27% increase in energy efficiency. This follows the 3*20 programme for 2020, where 20% was targeted for these three indicators.

European citizens will play a critical role in the implementation of this policy and in the move towards sustainability: they are, truly, at the heart of the transition.


As citizens, what can we do?

Whereas each of us is different, we all share common responsibilities when it comes to energy, climate change, or sustainable development. With regards to the impacts our behaviours have on the environment, we need especially to:

  • Change our consumption patterns to save on direct and indirect energy use. This can apply to our transportation habits, the goods and services we buy, the food we eat, the way we live at home, etc.
  • Influence our families & friends so they do the same
  • Push companies to adopt sustainable production patterns
  • Influence politicians to change public policies, taxation and regulation.

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