Linking home life and working life for energy transition

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Time to fight for environment: This tool allows companies to draw employees’ attention to various energy issues. The tool briefly and simply explains the company’s energy management policy. It gives home use tips covering all topics. This way, you as employee gain an understanding of the company’s energy saving efforts. By implementing this tool, your boss motivates you to address different aspects of energy consumption in your private life. The framework of the tool consists of 12 exemplary fact sheets: one topic per month spread over a year. These fact sheets can either be used as they are or they can be adapted to the company’s specific needs.

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thumbnail of TopicOfTheMonth_Example01_Lights

Turn off the lights

thumbnail of TopicOfTheMonth_Example02_Travel CO2

Travel policy and CO2

thumbnail of TopicOfTheMonth_Example03_Ecolabel

Go for green products!

thumbnail of TopicOfTheMonth_Example04_Veggie option

Vegetarian options in the canteen

thumbnail of TopicOfTheMonth_Example05_Ride your Bike

How yo you come to work?

thumbnail of TopicOfTheMonth_Example06_Sustainable Energy

Power for the future

thumbnail of TopicOfTheMonth_Example07_Think before you print

Think before you print

thumbnail of TopicOfTheMonth_Example08_Monitor

Give your monitor a break!

thumbnail of TopicOfTheMonth_Example9_Reducing

Avoid waste!

thumbnail of TopicOfTheMonth_Example10_Efficient Equipment

Energy efficient machinery in production and households

thumbnail of TopicOfTheMonth_Example11_Recycling


thumbnail of TopicOfTheMonth_Example12_Heating

Cool down, it’s just winter!



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